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Spokesman 1953 - 54 1.jpg
A person standing with a tall stack of "College Spokesperson" books on the floor of the Library. They have their arm on top of the stack.

Library Door 5.jpg
A person walking through a door that reads "Reference Dept. Reading Room"

Library 4.jpg
Two people seated at a table with books in front of them. They are wearing the same shirt and looking at the camera.

Library 1.jpg
A group of people seated at tables, reading books.

Loose Negatives from rest of box 30.jpg
A person in a library looking at books on a counter. Several other people are seated in the library. Another person in the background is standing near a bookcase.
Santa Claus, dressed in a red coat with a brown bag, is walking up to dial a large telephone on a machine that also includes a clock and book. It is set under an archway with bells and holly at the top and Christmas trees in the snow around Santa.
The card has a strip of scenes across the center of its cream background. Santa Claus is writing with a quill in a book in the middle. To the left is a village with the moon rising above it, and the right shows a village scene. Underneath the left…
The card, done in a cartoon-like style, shows Santa Claus in a red coat putting ornaments on a small Christmas tree. There are boxes of toys around him as well as a desk with candle. Two small winged angels stand behind the door to watch him.
Santa Claus, dressed in a long red coat with toys at his belt, is standing at a desk and writing in a large book with his quill. There is a candle on the desk in front of him, and baskets and bins of toys and sweets near the front of the card.…
Santa Claus, dressed in a red hooded coat, is seated at a desk. He is writing with a feather quill in a book by the light of the candle on the table beside him. In the bottom right corner there is a holly decoration and the words "Christmas…
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