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On a wall filled with different bushels of holly and a card that reads "a Peaceful Christmas", there is a frame. Inside that frame, Father Christmas and an angel are seen walking through a snowy night with a lantern as their guide; they are…
Father Christmas is featured in a green outfit on a Christmas Greeting card. The card has a textured border.
This features a purple Christmas tree with a boarder that had holly on it. There is a Christmas Greeting on the card.
Santa is in a circle in the middle of the post card. In the circle, he is carrying a bag of toys and a red stick in his right hand.
Santa is writing "Merry Xmas" in the sky. He has a bag of toys on his back.
Traditional Santa Claus is trudging through snow to deliver gifts. This picture is within a snowflake on a beautifully textured card with a Christmas greeting.
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