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This postcard has a red background showing a red and black Krampus holding a snowball with a surprised look on his face. Near him, a girl is about to throw a snowball at him, another girl with braided pigtails is jumping up and down, and another…
Krampus is seen dumping children into a hole with flames.
A child and Krampus are seen walking at the opening of Hell. There are children seen below the opening as well.
Krampus is seen with children at the entrance of hell. There are other Krampuses seen in the pits of hell.
A little girl is seen begging Krampus to let another child go. The child in Krampus' basket is crying.
Krampus is seen with two children. One in a basket, one chained to his side,
Krampus is seen stuffing a child's shoes with branches. He has a large bag on his back, with a child in it.
Krampus is seen with children on a pitchfork standing in front of a fire. The children are being held over the fire.
This postcard is oriented vertically and is set in a snowy nighttime scene with Santa Claus in the center surrounded by three young, excited, and cheering children. He wears a red robe and hat and holds a small Christmas tree in both hands over his…
St. Nicholas is hiking up snow to deliver gifts. Two young boys are hiding behind trees looking at St. Nick.
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