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In a snowy field, Santa Claus is seen being hit by snopw balls thrown by a mischevious elf. Santa Claus is clutching a bushel of holly. On the bottom of the postcard "a Rollicking-Frolicking Christmas" is written in brown and red ink.
In the foreground, a girl in green with blonde hair has a snowball in her left hand, and another is splattered across Santa's red belly behind her. Santa has a big sack of toys on his back along with an evergreen tree. "Merry Christmas / and many…
St. Nicholas is hiking up snow to deliver gifts. Two young boys are hiding behind trees looking at St. Nick.
This postcard has a red background showing a red and black Krampus holding a snowball with a surprised look on his face. Near him, a girl is about to throw a snowball at him, another girl with braided pigtails is jumping up and down, and another…
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