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Father Christmas is dressed in a long brown hooded coat and boots with a red tunic. He is striding across an expanse of snow with his holly-topped walking stick, a bag at his side and apples at his feet. There's a banner of a snowy village scene…
Father Christmas holds a decorated tree over his shoulder while dressed in a long, fur cloak and a fur hat. To his left stands two small children, one girl and one boy. The girl is wearing a white vest with blue sleeves and a pink bow at the collar…
St. Nicholas is dropping a bag of apples on the floor next to some toys. He is outside a door leaving some gifts.
St. Nicholas is holding apples on a bible and wearing a white and red robe. He has a crown on.
St. Nicholas in a purple cloak holding a book and a bag of fruit. He is wearing a white gown. It has a Christmas greeting written in German.
St. Nicholas standing holding bag of fruit in one hand and on his back and bible in his other hand with a gold staff. Wearing white robe with purple cloak lined in gold. On white background with gold writing.
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