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Santa Claus is dressed in a red coat and hat with brown fur trim. In the midst of falling snow, he carries a white back of red and yellow apples on his back. The bag has come open, and they are spilling out of it. "Christmas" is printed in the upper…
St. Nicholas in a purple cloak holding a book and a bag of fruit. He is wearing a white gown. It has a Christmas greeting written in German.
St. Nicholas is dropping a bag of apples on the floor next to some toys. He is outside a door leaving some gifts.
St. Nicholas is holding apples on a bible and wearing a white and red robe. He has a crown on.
St. Nicholas standing holding bag of fruit in one hand and on his back and bible in his other hand with a gold staff. Wearing white robe with purple cloak lined in gold. On white background with gold writing.
A woman in a yellow dress is starting to bend down to put two red apples into her already-full basket. A man in a gray suit and brown hat leans onto her elbow from behind. The apple tree's branches and fruit extend over their heads. There is text…
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