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Father Christmas is wearing a long red robe and is carrying his bag as a backpack. He is also carrying a Christmas tree in one arm. He is handing a doll to a small child who seems hesitant to take the gift. They are standing in a snowy environment.…
Father Christmas knocks on the door of a house. He is wearing a long brownish coat with a red sash and hat, and in one hand is a gift. By his side is a white and brown goat with a bell around its neck and a basket of toys and gifts over his back. …
Santa is wearing a very long gray coat and is handing a turkey to a woman in the doorway of a log cabin. There is snow outside and a Christmas Greeting on the card.
St. Nicholas has his hand over a sleeping girl's face and is praying. He is about to give her a doll.
St. Nicholas is standing at the door of a girl's house handing her a gold book. There is a German Christmas Greeting on this postcard.
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