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This postcard displays a kitten inside of a wicker basket that is adorned with holly. The bottom of the card reads, "A Joyful Christmas".
There are two cats of the same breed within a cylindrical portrait. They are surrounded by flowers used for decorating during the holiday season. At the top of the purple postcard, it reads "With Love's Greeting" in cursive.
The inset scene is located in the upper portion of the card. It depicts Santa Claus in his red suit on a bicycle with his bag of toys attached to the handlebars. In the background, there is a red brick chimney, a bell, and the moon. Below the scene…
Santa is driving a car and it is filled with gifts. This card is very light with pinks and corals and looks as if it Is embroidered.
A cat is dressed up as Santa and is carrying gifts and a Christmas tree. There is a Christmas Greeting on this card.
This card is very dark and red. It seems St. Nicholas is on a venture to go somewhere in town.
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