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This postcard shows Jesus clothed in a crown of thorns, rope, and a red cloak. The sky behind him is setting and to his left there is a sign written in Latin.
In this postcard, a white bear is seen bewildered due to the fact that it sat on a freshly-painted red bench. At the bottom of the postcard the text "A Bear Impression" is written. There is also handwriting along the bottom.
The horizontal card is red and the image and text very blurred. There appears to be a drawing on the left with an animal, perhaps a cow. The greeting reads "Good cause for taking the fence" and there is faint handwriting on the right.

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father Christmas is holding a doll in one hand and a trumpet in another. He is standing outside of a window and is wearing a very long red robe.
Father Christmas is playing the trumpet. He is carrying a basket of red and blue toys and there is a Christmas tree behind him.
St. Nicholas is holding apples on a bible and wearing a white and red robe. He has a crown on.
St. Nicholas is standing outside where there is very much snow. The card is all red, except for the snow. It features a Christmas greeting in German.
St. Nicholas appears as a vague white figure in a red background. The gold in his outfit is very detailed.
Father Christmas is put on a very red background. He is dumping toys out on the ground and has a tree on his back.
Krampus is seen dumping children into a hole with flames.
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