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Santa Claus is dressed in a long red hooded coat and has a bag of toys on his back, with more toys at his belt. The card is decorated with a large holly decoration, ribbon of ringing bells, and gold border.
Santa Claus is dressed in his red suit, carrying a jester doll. His frame is surrounded by ribbon and holly with "merry Christmas" printed at the bottom.
The card shows a head view of Santa Claus within a holly and ribbon wreath. Below is the greeting "Merry Christmas" and the poem "I just popped in a moment / To swap the time of day / And wish you Merry Christmas / The best that's on the way."
Santa Claus is seen within a portrait, holding a sack full of toys. The portrait is garnished with leaves, buds, and a red ribbon. On the bottom of the postcard, the phrase "a merry Christmas" can be seen.
The card's background is completely covered with poinsettias. In the center is a green bell made of holly with Santa Claus' face on it; it's suspended by red, white and blue ribbon. "Xmas Joys to You" is barely visible on the bell's pattern.
Santa Claus is drawn on a golden bell from the waist up. He is holding a candy cane. The bell is decorated with holly, mistletoe and ribbon and below it to the right is printed "A Joyful Christmas".
Santa Claus is shown from the chest up inside a wreath of holly with a ribbon at the bottom. The card's background is brown and "Christmas Greetings" is printed at the top.
An oval depicting Santa Claus in a hooded red robe is in the center of the card. It is bordered by mistletoe - green with white berries - and a white bow at the bottom. "A Merry Christmas" is printed below.
Hanging from a pink ribbon is a ringing gray bell. Below it is a cluster of holly. "A Merry Christmas" is printed to the left side as is a handwritten "Charley".
Red postcard with Krampus face in top right corner. Krampus hand is breaking through with a chain and is holding a set of sticks tied with a ribbon.
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