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Santa Claus has tumbled from his sled down a hill - his hat has come off, and all the toys have flown from his bag. He is open-mouthed in surprise while the sled dives nose-first into the snow. "Merry Christmas Greetings" is printed at the bottom.
Santa Claus, dressed in a red suit with a bag of toys on his back, is sledding belly-first down a snowy hill. There are evergreens in the background and a few holly decorations on the hill surrounding the words "A Joyful Christmas".
Father Christmas, pictured in the foreground, is walking down a snowy path. He is dressed in a brown coat and dark brown trousers, carrying a tree over his shoulder along with a bag on his back and satchel at his waist. Behind him, two sledding girls…
Santa Claus is seen snuggling a woman on a toboggan sled. They are under blankets and a wreath. The pair are looking at one another adoringly as they race through the snowy hill.
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