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Santa Claus, dressed in his red suit, is smoking a long-stemmed pipe with smoke rising from it. Above him is a decoration of evergreen branches and pine cones. "Christmas Wishes" is printed at the bottom.
The card shows a head-and-shoulders view of Santa Claus; he is wearing a red coat and hat with a blue tassel. Smoke rises from the pipe he has in his mouth. "Christmas Greetings" is printed along the bottom.
Santa Claus appears to be warming himself by the blazing fireplace inside a house. He is standing with his back turned to the flames, smoking on a pipe. There are stockings hanging from the mantel and "A Merry Christmas" is printed in the upper left.
Santa Claus is standing on a snowy rooftop by a chimney, his bag of toys at his feet. He is smoking a pipe. The full moon is rising in the background and there are holly decorations around the poem at the top. It reads: "The chimneys narrow tall thin…
Santa Claus is seated at a table, smoking a pipe while writing a letter. There is an inkwell and holly arrangement in front of him, and in the background toys are stacked on a shelf. "Christmas Greetings" is printed in the lower right corner.
The main scene of the card shows Santa Claus smoking a golden pipe with a holly decoration along the bottom and "A Christmas Reverie" printed to the middle right. In the smoke from his pipe, there is a scene of two blonde-haired children, a boy and a…
Pictured inside a golden bell decorated with holly, Santa Claus is smoking a pipe while stuffing a small white stocking. The card reads "Babies Delight" across the bell's bottom, and the background is a snowy field with evergreen trees.
Santa Claus is stuffing a pair of shoes into a stocking while smoking a pipe. He is pictured on a golden bell that is decorated with holly and the phrase "Papa's Delight". The card's background is a snowy field with a setting sun.
Santa Claus is seated at his desk, wearing red and smoking a pipe. He is fixing a wax seal onto a package; there are more packages and letters on the desk and a candle atop one to the right. The card reads "A merry Christmas!"
Santa Claus, dressed in his traditional red suit, is seated on a bench that is pulled up to his desk. He has a long curved pipe in his mouth and his glasses on while he reads a sheaf of papers. There are more scattered on the desk and there is a…
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