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Santa Claus is standing at a telegraph machine with earphones on, listening to the message coming through. He is looking down at the list he is writing through the frames of his classes. "Christmas Greetings" is printed at the top.
Santa Claus is seated at a table, glasses on, as he reads one of the letters from the scattered pile. There is a bunch of holly in front of the window in the back, and "A Merry Christmas" is printed in the upper left.
Santa Claus is wearing his glasses while seated at his desk, writing in a big book with a quill pen. There is a wreath below with this message: "Your name is on my book as having been good. I will surely stop at your house. Santa."
Santa Claus, dressed in his traditional red suit, is seated on a bench that is pulled up to his desk. He has a long curved pipe in his mouth and his glasses on while he reads a sheaf of papers. There are more scattered on the desk and there is a…
A joyful Santa Claus can be seen putting on reading glasses in preparation to read his list of children. Above him, lies a bushel of holly and holly berries. Below Santa, the phrase "a joyful Christmas" can be read.
Santa Claus is shown inside a wreath, writing something. He has glasses on. Below is printed the poem "No other greeting means / so much / And so I send once more / The same old Merry Christmas / That I've sent to you before" with the handwritten…
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