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This postcard shows a littler girl affectionately eyeing her toys around Christmas. She is wearing a red and white striped dress with red slippers and is in a room that is decorated with holly and other decorations.
In this postcard, a teddy bear is seen sitting beside a couple sea shells and a red bucket. Behind the bear are dark blue waves. At the bottom of the postcard, the text reads "The Sea-Shore Bear".
A white bear stands on a pedestal. It is scratching its head with one hand and has a red ribbon around its wrist. There is also some sort of colored object on its front. "How can you bear this weather" is printed at the bottom and accompanied by…
In this postcard, a white bear is seen bewildered due to the fact that it sat on a freshly-painted red bench. At the bottom of the postcard the text "A Bear Impression" is written. There is also handwriting along the bottom.
Santa Claus is pictured on the right side of the card, looking back over his shoulder at the viewer. He is dressed in a long red coat and hat. He carries a walking staff in one hand, and on his back has a tree, instruments, and teddy bear. there is a…
The card, done in a cartoon-like style, shows Santa Claus in a red coat putting ornaments on a small Christmas tree. There are boxes of toys around him as well as a desk with candle. Two small winged angels stand behind the door to watch him.
Santa Claus, dressed in his red suit, is looking back over his shoulder at the bag of toys on his back. Inside, it holds a doll, teddy bear, drum, package and holly. The poem at the bottom is too faint to read.
Santa Claus, smiling, is holding up a teddy bear in his left hand while he has a jack-in-the-box under his other arm. There is a basket of toys on his back. Printed in the lower right are the words "Christmas Greetings..."
Santa Claus is dressed in a hooded red coat, smoking a long-stemmed pipe while carrying toys in his arms and on his back. The toys include dolls, instruments, a book, and a teddy bear. "A Merry Christmas" is printed along the top.
Santa Claus, laughing, is carrying a load of toys in his arms. They include dolls, instruments, a teddy bear, and other toys. He has a bag and tree on his back. "Merry Christmas" is printed in the upper left corner.
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