Herman J. Loemker Collection


Herman J. Loemker Collection


The Herman J. Loemker Collection
Rev. Herman J. Loemker, a German-born pastor, served in eighteen German Methodist Episcopal churches in Iowa, Illinois, Wisconsin and South Dakota from the 1880’s until his death in 1937. While he utilized lantern slides for temperance lectures, he also produced lantern slides illustrating the communities where he lived. He served as pastor of the German ME church in Dubuque from 1915 to 1917. Nearly 270 of his glass lantern slides depicting Dubuque and a few of the surrounding communities are now in the collections of the Loras College Center for Dubuque History. These include Sunday school parades, churches, schools, buildings, steamboats, rural scenes, road construction, and some unique images of train wrecks, Union Park, and the horse racing track at Nutwood Park. The images offer a snapshot of life in Dubuque from the pre-World War I era to the early 1930’s.


Loemker, Reverend Herman J.
Iowa -- Pictoral Works
Illinois -- Pictoral Works
Wisconsin -- Pictoral Works


The Center for Dubuque History, Loras College, 1450 Alta Vista Street, Dubuque, Iowa 52001

Collection Items

[St. Joseph's Sanitarium, Dubuque, Iowa]
Known originally as the Insane Asylum of West Dubuque, the name of this facility was changed in 1909 to St. Joseph’s Sanitarium. It was located near the intersection of Asbury and Hillcrest Roads, and was run by the Sisters of Mercy.

[Bridge across the Mississippi at Dubuque, Iowa]
A view looking west, of the passenger bridge across the Mississippi. Known as the "High" or "Wagon" bridge, this structure opened in 1887 as the first passenger bridge between Dunleith (East Dubuque) and the Key City. It was torn down when the Julien…

[Viewing two bridges, Dubuque, Iowa]
A view looking east, of two bridges. The railroad bridge is on the left, and a passenger bridge may be seen on the right. The floor of the passenger bridge is constructed of wooden planks. Electrical and telephone wires and cables span the expanse of…

[On a railroad bridge crossing the Mississippi River]
A man dressed in a suit, white shirt, tie and bowler hat is standing in a north-facing profile view on the railroad bridge across the Mississippi River. The bridge officially opened on New Year's Day, 1869 at a cost of over one million dollars. It…

[Train entering a tunnel at East Dubuque]
An engine, coal tender and one car may be seen a few feet from the entrance to the train tunnel in East Dubuque, Illinois. The numbers “1190” are visible on the side of the tender. The track curves slightly just before the tunnel entrance. A man is…

[Train exiting a tunnel near East Dubuque, Illinois]
Near East Dubuque, Illinois, a steam engine belching black smoke, is emerging from a tunnel which has been constructed through a limestone bluff. The East Dubuque railroad tunnel still exists today. Blasted through the cliffs in 1868, rock from the…

[A Large steam engine in an unidentified rail yard in Dubuque, Iowa]
A large steam engine with four sets of drive wheels may be seen in this photograph. A coal tender is attached to the engine. Heavy dark smoke is belching from the engine. A box car is partially visible on a parallel track to the right of the tender.…

[Excellent street car service]
At least nine street cars are visible in this image. A sign on car #202, in the foreground, asks that passengers “have exact fare ready.” A woman carrying a parasol has just climbed the steps of an adjacent car. The conductor is standing near the…

[Steam engines on the tracks in the Milwaukee Railroad yards]
Four steam engines, all with steam coming from their stacks, may be seen waiting adjacent to each other in the yard of the Milwaukee Railroad. Coal tender 4380 and its engine are coupled in reverse to tender 4378 and its engine. Shop buildings are…

[View of the Julien Dubuque Monument and the Mississippi River]
This elevated view of the Mississippi River, railroad tracks and the Julian Dubuque Monument, was taken looking south, down river. A small railroad bridge is clearly visible. Four men have just walked north across the bridge. Closer to the…
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