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On this postcard there is a snowy, branch filled border that has 4 birds sitting among it. Around the border on the left-hand side is a red ribbon that is tied among the wood. In the center of the postcard "A Merry Christmas is written".
A yellow bird with black wings and tail sits on a spindly branch that is mostly bare; yet a few clusters of red and yellow leaves remain. In the background are shadow silhouettes of four more birds, flying or sitting on branches. "Gl[ae]delig jul" is…
The card shows a head view of Father Christmas with show falling thickly around him. He is wrapped in a hooded robe, and his full white beard also provides protection for his face. In his right hand, which he holds by his neck, he grasps an evergreen…
Krampus folds the corner of the post card. He reaches across with a branch.
Santa Claus, in a portrait, is seen lovingly looking out of the postcard. Behind him is a snowy seen around a tree and a finished plate of Christmas cookies. On the top left-hand side of the card the phrase "loving Christmas greetings" can be read.
St. Nicholas is depicted as wearing a brown fur coat and hat. A piece of tan fabric, a robe or empty sack, hangs from his right shoulder. In his left hand he holds a curved stick, and his right hand is upraised, clutching a bundle of bare branches at…
Inside a holly wreath, a brown-haired woman dressed in white with a white star over her head holds a crown in her left hand and a green branch in her left. "Xmas Greeting" is printed above and "Peace on Earth / Good Will to Man" below.
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