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Krampus folds the corner of the post card. He reaches across with a branch.
St. Nicholas is depicted as wearing a brown fur coat and hat. A piece of tan fabric, a robe or empty sack, hangs from his right shoulder. In his left hand he holds a curved stick, and his right hand is upraised, clutching a bundle of bare branches at…
A yellow bird with black wings and tail sits on a spindly branch that is mostly bare; yet a few clusters of red and yellow leaves remain. In the background are shadow silhouettes of four more birds, flying or sitting on branches. "Gl[ae]delig jul" is…
On this postcard there is a snowy, branch filled border that has 4 birds sitting among it. Around the border on the left-hand side is a red ribbon that is tied among the wood. In the center of the postcard "A Merry Christmas is written".
Inside a holly wreath, a brown-haired woman dressed in white with a white star over her head holds a crown in her left hand and a green branch in her left. "Xmas Greeting" is printed above and "Peace on Earth / Good Will to Man" below.
The card shows a head view of Father Christmas with show falling thickly around him. He is wrapped in a hooded robe, and his full white beard also provides protection for his face. In his right hand, which he holds by his neck, he grasps an evergreen…
Santa Claus, in a portrait, is seen lovingly looking out of the postcard. Behind him is a snowy seen around a tree and a finished plate of Christmas cookies. On the top left-hand side of the card the phrase "loving Christmas greetings" can be read.
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