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Santa Claus is dressed in his red coat and stockings, writing a message on the white brick wall behind him. It says: "A Very Merry Christmas To one who deserves it".
Santa Claus is dressed in a short red coat and long tan stockings. There is a bulletin on the white and green brick wall that says: "A Toast to Christmas / A toast to Christmas, the / day of good cheer, / No other can equal it during / the year. /…
The main background of the card is a white brick wall with icicles hanging from the top. There is a small head view of Father Christmas wearing a cap in the upper left, and "Merry Christmas" with a holly decoration printed in the lower right. "A…
Baby Jesus sits upright in a manger with a gleam around his head. While he is sitting up, he has one of his arms raised and the other resting on a baby goat. In the background there are bricks walls, and in the t=distance are trees and land.
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