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Hanging from a pink ribbon is a ringing gray bell. Below it is a cluster of holly. "A Merry Christmas" is printed to the left side as is a handwritten "Charley".
In this postcard there is an outlined border. Inside that border, there is a portrait with a lavishly-dressed couple holding a little pig with a ribbon around it. At the bottom of the card the text "A Happy New Year" can be seen.
The card is printed to look like a wrapped package. There is a diagonal ribbon of a clover design going from the bottom left to top right. At the left side of the card is a holly decoration. One the right is an inset scene in the shape of a heart. It…
Red postcard with Krampus face in top right corner. Krampus hand is breaking through with a chain and is holding a set of sticks tied with a ribbon.
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