The handwriting in the indentures can be difficult to read.  Some letters looked completely different in the 1700s, especially in the style of writing used for these indentures.  Some letters look like multiple letters, when they are actually just one letter.  The following sources can be helpful when trying to decipher what the document says.

The letter F is one of the more difficult letters.  At first glance the letter F can look a lot like the letter H.  I can also look like two lowercase Fs in a row. 

The letters I and J can look similar, making it difficult to know what a word says.  They also can look like the modern way of writing the letter F, T, or A.  

Some letters look like multiple letters.  The letter M can look like a V and and R, or a different combination of letters.  The letter K can look a lot like the letter S followed by an R.  These are just a couple examples of certain letters looking like a combination of letters.

Certain letters have multiple ways of writing them.  Lowercase D and lowercase E are good examples of this.  You also see this with the letter S.  

The alphabets are a good tool when deciphering the indentures.  They give examples of what the letters might look like.  The type of writing typically used in indentures is called secretary hand.