Terms to Know

Admission- The acceptance of a new tenant into the manor 

Appurtenance- The rights and restrictions attached to the land.  

Copyhold- The copies of the court rolls showing the tenant is being admitted to the land. 

Court Baron- A domestic court that handles misdemeanors and issues with tenants.  

Fine- Money that a tenant pays to the lord of the manor to be admitted to the land 

Heriot- When the owner of land dies a certain amount of goods must be given to the lord of the land. 

Manor- Area that a person is responsible for.  

Messuage- A piece of land, with a house, that is intended to be occupied.   

Steward- A person who must take care of a certain place. 

Shillings- British coin that is 1/12 of a pound 

Tripartite- Involves three different parties.  

Pence- plural for penny, which is 1/100 of a pound 

Pound- Unit of money in United Kingdom that is equal to 100 pence 

Peppercorn- rent paid for land or buildings. 

Terms to Know