Indenture Example

This document is a rental agreement between John Bigg and William Fawkener.  John Bigg is a local papermaker and William Fawkener is the lord of Iping Manor.  In order to be admitted to the land John Bigg must pay ten shillings.  The rent is set at 12 pence a year.

Indenture: LCSP-Legal-1765-001

The blue tax stamps can be found on many of the indentures. 

The indent will usually have the name of the manor listed.  This indent says "Manor of Iping".  After the indent is an introduction.  The introduction will have the year and date in it.   

On the far right you can see the name "John Bigg".  This is a good example of how difficult it can be read the words in these indentures.  The letters "J", "h", and "B"  can be difficult to read.  This is an example of what they will look like in a word.  

The word being underlined is "heirs".  The letter "h" can be difficult because it looks like multiple letters.  

The underlined word is "field".  The letter "f" sometimes looks like "ff".  

Indenture Example