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Misc. People Cont. 5 1.jpg
A person in a nurse's outfit seated near a lamp.

Misc. People Cont. 5 4.jpg
A person in a nurse's outfit standing near a lamp.

N-A 2 1.jpg
A person in a nurse's uniform, standing near a lamp. They are looking away from the camera.

Library 1.jpg
A group of people seated at tables, reading books.

Library 4.jpg
Two people seated at a table with books in front of them. They are wearing the same shirt and looking at the camera.

Library Door 5.jpg
A person walking through a door that reads "Reference Dept. Reading Room"

North Hall 1.jpg
Three people in a church, pictured from behind, seated in pews. An altar is visible.

North Hall 3.jpg
An interior room showing a piece of art hung on a wall, as well as several chairs and tables.

North Hall 4.jpg
The exterior of Rohlman Hall. Snow and a vehicle in the parking lot are visible.
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