Friends Around the World

In 1969 Louise and her longtime friend Emma Trenk decided to go on a long awaited trip around the world. Emma was involved in the foreign student exchange program in Dubuque and remained in close contact with many of them following their departure from Dubuque. During their travels Louise and Emma visited many of the international students that studied in Dubuque in the years prior.

The friends traveled west to California via Chicago, making their way over the Pacific to Asia, then the Middle East and finally across Europe.

Thailand Sketch.jpg

Thailand, Chao Phraya River.

Greece Sketch.jpg

The Acropolis of Athens, Greece.

Sketching the World

Louise made sure to always have a sketchbook close by to document interesting sights. Her 1969 sketchbook is full of quick sketches completed as she traveled across the world via train, car and airplane. Some of her sketches also include small notes. 

Embark on the Journey

Follow Louise's travel itenirary below. The Halliburton Collection holds more than 1,000 photo slides taken during her world trip.