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Santa Claus is seen snuggling a woman on a toboggan sled. They are under blankets and a wreath. The pair are looking at one another adoringly as they race through the snowy hill.
Santa Claus is dressed in an orange suit, crawling on all fours while a boy in blue rides on his back and raises a mallet to encourage him onward. There is a wreath next to them with "Xmas Greetings" printed on the inside, and the bottom reads "All…
The monochrome card shows Santa Claus in his suit with a bag of toys on his back, pulling along a full sled behind him by way of a Christmas wreath. "A Merry Christmas" is printed at the bottom.
Santa Claus, in a red suit, is leaning over the side of a hot air balloon's basket. The basket is decorated with a wreath, and his bag of toys hands over the outside. "A Merry Christmas" is printed at the top.
And over-sized Santa Claus is seen holding two hand-fulls of toys and gifts. Around him, the area is garnished with wreaths, ribbons, and bells. On the bottom of the postcard, the phrase "a merry Christmas" can be read.
Santa Claus' face is shown within a holly wreath with bow against a dark background. "A Merry Christmas" is printed at the bottom.
Santa Claus' head is shown inside a holly wreath. Arrayed in front of it are toys - a doll, drum, trumpet and ball among others. The card reads "A Merry Christmas."
Santa Claus is shown inside a wreath, writing something. He has glasses on. Below is printed the poem "No other greeting means / so much / And so I send once more / The same old Merry Christmas / That I've sent to you before" with the handwritten…
The card shows a head view of Santa Claus within a holly and ribbon wreath. Below is the greeting "Merry Christmas" and the poem "I just popped in a moment / To swap the time of day / And wish you Merry Christmas / The best that's on the way."
Santa Claus is shown from the waist up in a circular holly-bordered inset. He has a bag of toys on his back. Below the picture is a letter on stationary reading "May the sunshine of affection light to day!"
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