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On the left side of the card is a woman in a dress that has a pink bodice and a full white skirt; she wears a white wig. She is seated in a green chair, and above her head is a wreath. There is a small sprig of holly near the right side of the card.…
Inside a holly wreath, a brown-haired woman dressed in white with a white star over her head holds a crown in her left hand and a green branch in her left. "Xmas Greeting" is printed above and "Peace on Earth / Good Will to Man" below.
Santa Claus in a red coat and hat is peering through an evergreen wreath. It is set atop a large clock whose dial shows midnight. To the left of the clock is a little girl in a white polka dot dress, who has gold bows in her brown hair; she is…
Santa Claus' head is shown inside a holly wreath. Arrayed in front of it are toys - a doll, drum, trumpet and ball among others. The card reads "A Merry Christmas."
Santa Claus is wearing his glasses while seated at his desk, writing in a big book with a quill pen. There is a wreath below with this message: "Your name is on my book as having been good. I will surely stop at your house. Santa."
Santa Claus is shown in profile on the right side of the card; he is smoking a pipe. The left side shows a holly wreath on a yellow background. Inside, it reads: "A Merry Xmas One and All Happy Hearts Large and Small".
In the center of the card is a circular inset of Santa Claus. It is surrounded by holly, and on either side it has a small view of a snowy field with poinsettias beneath. "Christmas Greetings" is printed at the bottom.
Santa Claus is shown from the waist up in a circular holly-bordered inset. He has a bag of toys on his back. Below the picture is a letter on stationary reading "May the sunshine of affection light to day!"
The card shows a head view of Santa Claus within a holly and ribbon wreath. Below is the greeting "Merry Christmas" and the poem "I just popped in a moment / To swap the time of day / And wish you Merry Christmas / The best that's on the way."
Santa Claus is shown inside a wreath, writing something. He has glasses on. Below is printed the poem "No other greeting means / so much / And so I send once more / The same old Merry Christmas / That I've sent to you before" with the handwritten…
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