Social Life + Culture


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Much of Loras student culture revolved around mingling with other young Dubuquers. A favorite weekend hang-out spot for Loras and Clarke College students included Diamond’s Cafe, located in downtown Dubuque.


Doris- May 4th 1950-1951.jpg

Loras College. Lorian. Vol. XXVI, no. 14. May 4, 1951. Page 1.

Like most young adults in the 1950s, many Loras students were invested in popular culture. In 1951, a campus-wide vote revealed that students’ “favorite girl vocalist” was actress and singer Doris Day. Day responded positively to the vote, sending a signed photograph to campus.


Cigarette ad- May 7th, 1953-1954.jpg

Loras College. Lorian. Vol. XXIX, no. 13. May 7, 1954. Page 8.

A major part of student culture at Loras included smoking. Students and faculty alike smoked cigarettes across campus, and the student newspaper, the Lorian, often displayed multiple ads for cigarette companies per issue.