Student Events

St. Pat's Auction 6.jpg

At the center of student social life in Dubuque in the 1950s were organized student events, often shared between Loras College, Clarke College, and Mercy Hospital nursing students. 

An annual variety show, “Hernando’s Hideaway,” featured talent from all three schools to raise money for the NFCCS (the National Federation of Catholic College Students). Another popular social event for students was the Clarke Style Show, a fashion show featuring Clarke student models held to raise money for the Clarke chapter of the NFCCS. 

The social highlight of each academic year at Loras, however, included only Loras students and faculty. The highly-anticipated annual St. Patrick’s Day auction involved participants bidding on humorous items to raise money for the Loras Catholic Mission Student Crusade club. The event featured lots of laughs, pie smashing, and a fan favorite statue named “Matilda.”